Today's Space is a stockist of Belgotex, Nouwens, Van Dyck brands as well as from other specialist weavers and hand knitters of premier rugs.
Floors typically consist of a subfloor for support and a floor covering on top which is either installed or laid to provide an effective walking surface.
When choosing a floor, one must consider the amount of traffic and intended usage of that area and not only the colour, price or pattern appeal. Darker colours will make a room seem smaller whereas lighter shades create a sense of spaciousness.
- High traffic areas like entrance halls need durable carpets with patterns or textures to hide soiling between cleanings. Hardwearing loop piles are recommended in high traffic areas such as passages and stairways, they not only wear well but also hide dirt until the next vacuum clean up.
- Cut-pile carpets which are thick and comfortable do well in bedrooms or formal lounges that aren't exposed to as much wear.
- Carpets are an investment that will remain for years, so consider accommodating durable options. Other decor items can be refreshed from time to time to keep an interior current.
- If you have allergy concerns, please inform us for recommended products.