Our main advice on wooden laminates as Today's Space is shop on quality not thickness.
Thickness is not necessarily an indicator of quality. It is the material and methods used to manufacture the product plus the quality of the embossing that makes for a beautiful long-wearing floor.
We specialize in the following floor coverings:
- Laminate wooden floors - with a focus on quality and boards that are 8mm and higher in terms of thickness.
- Luxury vinyl planks – suitable for the whole house. Especially bathrooms, kitchens and sculleries.
- Engineered wood - this is the ultimate for when only the best matters, also a good property seller! Engineered wood is a luxurious floor consisting of French oak on a high density, multi-layer ply board. It offers more benefits than solid wood in terms of cost, ease of installation and maintenance.
● Laminate is durable and attractive. Not only is it easier to clean than carpets but it comes at a lower cost compared to other natural flooring such as genuine hardwood.
● Your purchase and decision will depend on the amount of traffic that you expect within your space and the durability of the panels needed for your flooring.
● It is best to remember to add underlay to your budget as laminate requires it too.
● Our laminates & vinyl plank suppliers guarantee range from 12 to 30 years’ warranties.
● Vinyl floors are water resistant, easy to clean and quieter underfoot. Wood finishes in vinyl provide the look of natural hardwood in spaces where wooden laminates might not be an option such as bathrooms.