Curtains and roman blinds form a major feature to most residences, lodges and hotels that we work with.
A custom-made curtain makes all the difference compared against most readymade types.
Curtaining is not only about the fabric that you see, there are also questions and decisions to be made on: -
- what type of lining to put in a bedroom, what lining goes for a cinema room?
- what heading options to choose (how curtains look at the top)?
- what rods or curtain track has the strength or best enhances the style one is going for.
- should one go for manual operation, automated or semi-manual in opening and closing of curtains?
* So many boxes to be ticked, that's where we come in.
Today's Space has an assortment of fabric samples from leading local and international Fabric Houses. Clients are also welcome to bring their own fabrics, to be professionally made up.